The End of Something Good- Live Til 5

Last Friday I came to the end of a chapter. For over six years I have had the privilege of hosting a two hour, live talk radio program called Live Til 5. I would always begin the episode with “broadcasting high atop the campus of Harvest Ministries, from the worldwide headquarters of KHMG 88.1 FM, Harvest Family Radio.” Every episode was enjoyable. Every episode was hard work. Every episode was a learning experience. One of the best lessons I learned was simply, “it’s not about me.” Even though I was the host, behind the microphone, and the voice on the air for two hours each week, it wasn’t about me. All of the 310 episodes worth of content, banter, and creative work was not meant for me. It was always meant for the listener. This lesson was ingrained in me on the day I received horrible news, moments before going on air. The lesson was seared into my mind on the day I got texts during the broadcast telling me a loved one needed immediate assistance. No matter what was going on in my life, that day, the listeners didn’t need to know. The show was meant to lift the listeners’ burdens, and give them a boost at the end of a long week. Live Til 5 was there to carry loads, not add them. The unselfish lesson was good for me to learn. During those times where I had the capability of sharing things with the hundreds, or even thousands of listeners, I learned that God could equip me to do my job, as He carried my burdens, quietly, “off-mic.” I learned many other lessons from Live Til 5 and will share them in the future. But for now, I want to say “Thank you, listeners, for six amazing years!”